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Custom HTML Keyboard Maestro Prompt for Zendesk Support Articles

January 31, 2022

Category: macOS

Tags: automation keyboard maestro

Keyboard Maestro has this amazing feature called a Custom HTML Prompt. In short, it lets you write a custom webpage popup that can receive variables from Keyboard Maestro and send form selections as outputs back into Keyboard Maestro.

Note: To learn how to write custom HTML prompts yourself, see my previous article.

That flexibility opens up a bunch of possibilities. Zendesk includes a public API and offers some functionality (like the ability to query any public Zendesk support center) without authentication. I wrote a custom prmopt that lets you interact with these articles for my jobby-job where I write support articles. It’s been a game-changer when referencing our current articles in new articles.

Because the HTML prompt is just a webpage, I wrote the macro with Astro Build and Tailwind CSS and then exported a minified version, which you can download here 👇.

Download Macro

Note: It’s set to use Squarespace’s support center by default, but changing that variable field (called “zendeskBaseURL”) just before the script will let you customize it to any public Zendesk support center.

A few custom features

Just a few quick notes here.

  • I don’t like taking my hands off my keyboard, so I included a lot of keyboard navigation.
  • I added a K palette to make it easy to recall the shortcuts. Image of macOS doc with spacers
  • In order to run any of the actions, you must have an item selected. If you don’t have something selected, the palette will shake to let you know you need to select something first.
  • I very quickly adapted the code from a very customzied script to this one, so it may have a few oddities or areas where you could improve upon it. Go for it 😄.

Have fun! And reach out if you have any trouble.